9 tips for planning a successful surf trip


The full Surf Trip Planner

Unable to finish a single day without checking random forecasts of destinations around the world looking for your next surf destination? No worries, you’re fine! It’s only a symptom of the very common ‘surf trip planning fever’ we all experience every once in a while.
Whether you’re planning your first surf trip or you already have a few under your arsenal, you will probably find the next few tips useful before going on your next adventure.

1. Choose when to go

May sound trivial but a successful surf trip requires enough time at the destinations. After all, swells are matter of statistics and freeing enough time will definitely increase the probability of scoring good waves. Find a time frame on your calendar where you can have at least 10 days off and go for the next tip.

2. Make a wish list

We all have our preferences while going on a surf trip and usually we don’t want to compromise. Make a list of your preferences. The list can include variables like warm / cold water, size of the waves, after surf activities, and more. After doing it you will have a clear picture of what do you expect from your next surf trip

3. Do a research

Now that you already have an Idea when to go and under which setting it’s time to do a comprehensive research. The research will help you identify the best surf destinations based on your wish list and time frame.
How to do a research? Start searching the internet for information based on the knowledge you already possess. For example, tropical surf destinations in April. After few articles you’ll have a list of few potential destinations that are most relevant for the criteria you have made. Another nice tool is to check for historical forecasts and statistics on those destinations so you can see which one of them meets most of the requirements you listed earlier.

4. Pick a destination

After you analyzed all the info it’s time to take a decision and pick a destination. Sounds easy right? Well, for some it is, but for others it requires putting unrealistic dreams aside and going for a destination they unnecessarily planned to go to initially. We all have our dreams about surf vacations but do they realistic? For example, I have been dreaming on surfing in Hawaii my whole life and I have 2 weeks on December. Should I go to Hawaii? Or maybe it will be better to start planning my surf trip to Sri Lanka?
We’re not saying do not follow your dreams, hell no. Picking your destination based on your own wish list will maximize your surf time, learning process, and performance. Hence, it will take you one step closer for fulfilling your dreams rather than picking a destination which will face you mostly with struggle and limit your surfing options.

5. Do another research

We’re happy to say that the difficult part is behind you. You already know where, when, and for how long you’re going. Now it’s time to explore the destination. Start looking for the surf spots around and what kind of waves you should expect. This is a great time to check for potential sleeping arrangements based on your budget, transportation solutions, currency and more. Some destinations have more than one surfing area you can choose. Try to plan your route based on how much time you have.

6. Pick an airline

Different airlines have different baggage policies for your surfboards. Knowing the baggage policy before you book your ticket can save you good money. Sometimes, you’ll prefer to choose a flight ticket that is 100$ more expensive than the cheapest ticket and check-in your boards for free, rather than getting to the airport and realize you have to pay an additional 150$ each direction for taking your boards with you. There are few guides available online but the most recommended way to do it will be to mark the airlines flying to the specific destination and look for sport equipment / extra baggage policies directly on their websites for most updated information.

7. Prepare your equipment

You fantasize yourself riding the perfect waves of your next destination and already planning what breakfast you gonna have after another epic morning session. But first and foremost, on each surf trip, it all revolves around our gear. Our dreams of perfect waves will come true only if we will be prepared to any kind of conditions. Make sure you have all the gear you need to have on a surf trip. Wax for the water temp at the destination, extra leash, ‘do it yourself’ ding kit, and more.

8. Prepare your body

All the tips we gave you up until this point can be performed from your couch. Unfortunately, sitting on the couch won’t get your body ready for intensive surfing days from dawn to dusk. If you do practice on a regular basis, keep going and try to mix surfing related exercises in your routine. Work on stability, core muscles, breathing techniques and flexibility. If you’re a couch potato – start by creating a daily routine of simple exercises that you’ll be able to persist. It can be 10-15 minutes to start with. Make sure you include cardio work, flexibility and strength to get your body ready for your upcoming surf trip.

9. Be kind

After all the preparations, it’s about time to go. The excitement level is skyrocketing and the surf trips we have been planning for so long is about to take off in no time.
Remember, you’re going to a new destination which probably has its own surfing community and locals. Be kind, respectful and show patience towards the locals and other surfers around you. This is a key element for a successful surf trip. Gaining the respect from others while getting to a new destination will enable you to sit calmly in any lineup, surf your waves, and enjoy your time out there.

We hope you’ll find these tips helpful when planning your next surf trip.

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