A Flexible Mind


A Flexible Mind – Improve your flexibility flow

Why do we travel? What makes us leave our cozy homes and familiar faces behind? Why do we pack our bags, stand in line of security checks and go on airplanes? What is it that makes us leave our comfort zone and go out in the world?
We do for this kind of magic that happens in unknown places, the kind of transformation we experience when we face new challenges and discover the unknown. We do this for the kind of wonder new phenomena and unexpected circumstances bring along with them. Travelling teaches us to be flexible, to let go of expectations and open up for new experiences.
When we pick up surfing, the first lesson we learn is that the sea is stronger than us. We can try to fight her, be stubborn and forceful, but what qualifies an experienced surfer is usually the understanding that you either go with her or not at all. Learning to give in, to let go of the false sense of control and to be open are lessons the sea teaches us. We ride the sea, we don’t control her, just like we ride life, without controlling it.

Anyone who remembers their first Yoga class knows, what it means to leave their comfort zone far behind and out of sight: strange movements, an overflow of information, and exotic sounds and sensations. And all of this for what? To touch our toes without bending our legs? Facing the new is essential in Yoga. It enables us to open our bodies and our souls to the present moment without judgment. A moment can vanish without us noticing it or can transform our lives. 

Travelling, surfing, yoga are all about embracing life beyond our limited expectations. They are about giving into groundlessness and experiencing the peace that lies beyond our false sense of security. We leave our comfortzone to experience life in new ways. By challenging our minds and bodies we become flexible within. The combination of the three is more than a time out from our day to day life, and their lessons have the ability to transform us. We cannot control life, but we can become aware and flow with it, instead of struggling to gain control over something that is stronger than us.

A Surf and Yoga retreat in a foreign place will do no less than change your life. Our belief in this motivates us at Global Surf to invite you to pack your bags, jump onto a plane, let the sea wash over you and see for yourself. Until then, we prepared a small appetizer on Yoga and Flexibility for you to enjoy.