Neck and shoulders practice flow


Overcoming stress

How do you sit while reading this? Is your spine straight, your shoulder relaxed? What about your jaw? Are you clenching your teeth or crunching your toes?
It took me quite a long time to realize that even when there was nothing I had to keep track of on the outside – no loud noises or a ringing phone, I still accumulated stress inside my body in the weirdest places and without any traceable reason. Usually we only begin noticing it, after we ignored it for too long and the stress has turned into pain: Our neck becomes stiff, our shoulders are tight or our lower back complaints. Stress is the main cause of almost all diseases, and only when our bodies yell and scream we begin to pay attention.

To relieve stress it is important to change our scenery, to take a break, get out and come back with a new perspective. For all the converts out there, I do not need to explain the capacity a surf session can have to turn a bad day around. Getting out into the sea, starting to paddle and stopping to think are powerful tools to free ourselves from the stress our day to day life brings upon us.
If we want to create lasting changes, however, it is important to go beyond fighting the symptoms of stress and learn to be mindful of what makes us tick. Therefore, we from Global Surf believe that complementing surfing with a regular yoga practice serves as the bridge between the lessons we learn out in sea and living this mind-set in our day to day lives. Yoga is all about reducing the stress in our bodies and minds in order to outgrow our stressed selves and live a mindful life.

In our Yoga and Surf retreats we find new ways together in order to experience joy and passion. We challenge ourselves and meet the person who’s a little happier than we were the day before. Combining Yoga with Surfing is about internalizing the lessons of the sea, to become more sensitive towards our bodies and to face life with wisdom instead of with force. Our Surf and Yoga retreats are composed for you let go of anything that limits you and learn to enjoy life to the fullest extent. For the time until then our beautiful Tess prepared a small video for stress release in your neck and shoulder areas that you can practice anywhere any time.