Pre-surf flow


Our Bodies Are Our Temples

The moment she lies in front of us, when we hold the board under our arms and we feel the sand under our feet, there is nothing else on our minds than joining the other surfers and jump right into the water. For most of us, however, these moments are not part of our day-to-day lives. Instead of surfing we spend our days hunched over phones and sitting in soft chairs. The contrast our bodies hence face between what we usually practice and what we ask them to do in our well-deserved vacation is vast.

A quick warm up can make all the difference between getting thrown off the board and getting injured. Warming up our muscles and setting a focus does not hold us back, but enables us to spend more quality time in the water, while catching better waves and keeping our bodies save. Injuries happen in split seconds and can ruin our entire vacation. Setting our bodies into the right place, in contrast, takes a few minutes and enables us to cope better with many of the challenges a surf session demands from us.

A few sun salutations open up our bodies and help us to become more focused. The joy we experience with our bodies is all about how we treat ourselves. And this most beautiful instrument we are gifted with to experience life deserves to be treated as a temple. In our Surf and Yoga Retreats we are all about creating balance to transform our being and help us reach new and lasting highs. We from Global surf are all about helping you live life to the fullest and there are a few steps we like to suggest you to do so: go in the world, catch some waves and practice your flow. Take it or leave it, but most importantly hold yourself with a smile. Life throws us from our feet sometimes, but if we act wisely, we will get up gracefully and move on stronger.