Winter Nature Retreat

With Ortal Pelleg and Meytal Gal

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Join us for a three-day grounding journey in a magical location in the Carmel mountains. Anticipate magical and outstanding sunsets, sound journeys to connect to your emotional bodies in ways you never experienced. Yoga to connect to your physical bodies in order to align and get back to center With nutritious food to support a complete mind, body and soul experience.

Main Muscles



Beit Oren is home to Kfar Mantur by Selina, a pastoral ecosystem in the heart of the Carmel mountain range, The Ecological Fairy Forest, and Atlit Beach you’ll find endless ways to fall in love with the region’s rich culture and natural beauty. The perfect destination to unwind and disconnect.

What to Expect

What's NOT included

Types of Rooms

Solo: Enjoy a classic room full of light

Duo: Share a beautiful spacious space with your partner, friend or a new pauser

Trio: Share a super spacious, large room with your friends or new pausers

(registration to the trio will be depended if the room is full, if not we will move you to a duo room and charge the additional charging fees)

Registration + Pricing

Early Registration till February 15th 

SoloEarly – 2’650 nis / Regular – 2’750 nis

DuoEarly – 2’060 nis / Regular – 2’150 nis

Trio: (Only if the room is filled) Early – 1’900 nis / Regular – 1’999 nis

About The Host

Meytal Gal 

Meytal specializes in working with pregnant and postpartum women and study all the time with curiosity and a great passion for practice. The yoga mat for me is the space to let go of competitiveness, judgment and criticism and through movement, through breathing, To be in an authentic and honest exploration of the self, of patterns and habits. Beyond expanding boundaries and perfecting physical abilities.

The practice combines dynamic sequences of the traditional classical asanas, with work that emphasizes an element (body alignment and posture accuracy), staying in the facilitators and exploring them using accessories. Combines dynamic, energizing and purifying exercises with soft, restorative and restorative practice and pranayama exercises.

The practice is suitable for both beginners and advanced.


Ortal Peleg

Ortal exploring breath, music and meditation from the age of 15, when he made his first instrument, a didgeridoo. He travelled to different places around the world, while practicing presence and flow state, facilitating sound & breath workshops and performing.

He is also a certified Meta Health coach, helping people heal their body by releasing traumas from the past, focus on the present moment and enjoy life. Ortal also practices the Wim Hof method for several years and promotes the benefits of cold exposure and breathing techniques.  

Fill in your details and we'll get back to you soon