Mind, Body & Soul Detox Retreat

With Udi Sahar

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Join us, for four days of full cleanse of the body, mind and soul in a detox and yoga retreat.

At this long weekend,  you will learn more in depth about your diet, the foods that you put into your body and the balance between the two. We will also learn about herbs and naturopathy, move our bodies, calm the mind and make a full restart to our system.

Expect nutritious and healthy food, sound journeys and meditations that will connect you to the emotional body in a way you have not yet experienced, and yoga classes that will connect you to the physical body and will bring you back to the chin and especially a deep connection with yourself

Main Muscles



So first of all what is Glamping? 

Glamping is a combination of the two words glamorous &  camping, get ready for a five star experience in a top level tent, containing all the small details (fully furnished, thick mattresses, electrical outlets and lots of other treats and surprises), healthy and nutritious chef meals, endless views and all in a private ,exclusive and … ECOLOGICAL location full of spaces and tranquility away from the crowds.

What to Expect

What's NOT included

Types of Rooms

Duo: Share a beautiful spacious space with your partner, friend or a new pauser

Trio: Share a super spacious, large tent with your friends or new pausers

Quora: Share a super spacious, large tent with your friends or new pausers

(registration will be depended if the room is full, if not we will move you to a duo room and charge the additional charging fees)

Registration + Pricing

Duo: 4,400 nis

Trio: 3,600 ni

Quora: 3,200 ni

About The Host

Udi Sahar

I am a certified Naturopath (N.D), Clinical Herbalist (CI.H), healthatarian chef, and Vinyasa yoga teacher. I was set on a path to become a healer at an early age. Growing up with severe food sensitivities that affected my overall health, I set forth on a journey to heal myself through nutrition. I was only eleven years old, while on a trip to Mexico when I discovered Shamanism and felt deeply inspired. Later I traveled through south and central America, India, and elsewhere, and studied extensively the healing modalities of ancient and modern cultures.

My approach to the natural way of healing was a merge of my experience in kitchens and bars and my knowledge of Herbalism, Aromatherapy, aspects of Shamanic, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicines. This knowledge-based background makes Urban Shaman unique. All cleanses are designed strategically and with a clinical understanding to optimize well-being.

“Sound is a vibration that reaches our brain at a certain frequency and energy, and translates into pitch, timbre and amplitude. Then a deeper connection is made in vast parts of the brain to memories, feelings and images. Therefore, when we hear a song we may cry, rejoice or remember past events. Sound is the keys to our emotions and memories because they use the same areas of the brain.”

Fill in your details and we'll get back to you soon