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Located at the south-west coast of Africa, Angola is a unique surf destination with endless left hand point breaks and no crowd at all

Surfing in Angola will take you through an holistic experience combing great waves, breathtaking views, and amazing cultural experience

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Global Surf is the exclusive representative of ‘Angola Waves’, a company which specializes in operating surf trips in Angola. The show is led by Bizuka Barros, a former pro surfer who has a deep acquaintance with Angola’s waves, landscape, and culutre.


Global surf Angola

Angola has waves throughout the year, when the best time to score pumping waves is May to October. During this season, the swells hit the beautiful coastline and creates dozens of long left hand point breaks. Water temps range between 16-26 degrees so you can surf with a vest / spring suit for most of the season.

The Republic of Angola, a big country located in South-West Africa. The capital is Luanda – a dynamic and colorful city you will never forget. Angola used to be a Portuguese colony until 1975. Moments after its liberation, a civil war that lasted almost 30 years broke out. Fortunately, wars ceased and the government began developing tourism. Today Angola is safe to travel and offers great waves with nobody out!


Global surf Angola


Global surf Angola

With 1600 km of coastline, Angola is a relatively virgin destination, perfect for surfers who want to experience surf trip in a unique, unexplored territory. While in Angola, you will find spectacular natural wonders ranging from sea turtles, dolphins, whales, waterfalls, the Namib desert, Tundabala Canyon and African culture that will leave you a deep imprint and crave for more. The sunrises and sunsets, virgin beaches and delicious food, offer an exotic and unique experience that you’ll never forget.

The local population is humble and pleasant who will make you feel at home. The official language is Portuguese, but English is spoken by most of the population. In terms of health, yellow fever vaccines and malaria prevention drugs should be considered before travel (can be solved by insect repellent products). The Angola health system is good and well developed and offers a variety of Western hospitals and private clinics across the country.

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Dozens of perfect, long, and empty left hand point breaks for all levels

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