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Global Surf Lodge Kabalana

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Just a few steps from the ocean, find Global Surf Lodge Kabalana – a wild oasis where footwear is discouraged, chilling out is inescapable, and good times never stop.

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We are surfing obsessed, and we invite you to join us and experience a perfect blend of wild tropical views and great surfing for all levels. Next set is yours!

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Our Experiences

We are travelers. But, most importantly, we are surfers. At Global Surf Lodge Kabalana we will take you by the hand through a holistic experience that combines surf, wellbeing, local culture and nature.


Global Surf Sri Lanka

It’s never too late to learn. No matter your level, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being out in the open sea. It’s quiet out there, and everything changes when your board touches the water. Pick your package and let’s go surfing.

A holistic experience, at the Surf Lodge you’ll feel wholesome, grounded, nourished and energized. Yoga is in session every morning at the lodge, giving you the opportunity to stretch and strengthen your body, mind and soul outside the water, too. As ocean lovers and experienced surfers, we embrace the yogic lifestyle – it enhances surfing skills in the most remarkable way.




Global Surf Sri Lanka

Reconnect with Planet Earth. You’ll find us nestled in the lush green jungle, just a few steps from the ocean. Sri Lanka is home to one of the world’s richest wildlife ecosystems with a picturesque jungle backdrop to get lost in. It’s magical, and it’s yours.

When you’re not paddling out, there’s lots to do in and around Kabalana. The charming beach town acts as one hell of a launching pad for exploring the surrounds! We’re here to let you in on Sri Lanka’s culture, history and natural beauty.


Global Surf Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a magical tropic island nation known for its year-round, perfect surf conditions for beginners, as well as some of the most learner-friendly waves on the planet.

Global Surf Maldives

“I had the best experience ever with global surf in the Maldives and Morocco! The organization went smoothly, the global staff was super kind, helpful and friendly. Will definitely join many more adventures with Global Surf family”

Eden Gershon

“I love traveling and surfing with GLOBALSURF, they create are the perfect combination between fun and professionalism”

Lee Komm

Global Surf Lodge Kabalana

Our lodge is definitely one of a kind! We are proud to invite to enjoy your stay in one of our 12 well designed rooms. Feel free to choose between the different sleeping arrangements we offer – from 4 beds dorms to luxurious and cozy private rooms.

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