Maldives Surf Adventure

Maldives Surf Adventures

Boasting hundreds of perfect surfing beaches, the Maldives will make every surfer smile regardless of his level of surfing. Global Surf is proud to offer an exclusive range of magical surf trips options to the various atolls of the Maldives.

Just pick your favorite way of traveling, if it’s a guest-house, yacht, or a luxurious resort. pack your surfboards and sun-screen and get ready to experience the magical islands of the Maldives!

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Our Maldives experience

With more than 1,000 Islands spread over 20+ atolls, the Maldives is one of the world’s richest amusement parks for surfing. Alongside the well-known surf spots of the north male atoll, the Maldives still has to offer dozens of uncrowded perfections waiting just for you! Our all-inclusive surf adventure will supply all of your needs and free your mind to think of only one thing – Your next session!


Adaaran Hunduranfushi

Get ready to surf all day! After exploring the Maldives for more than a decade, our devoted surf guides have all the experience needed to accompany you to the most perfect surf of your life. Whether staying on the Island or living on the water in one of our yachts, the Maldivian experience is the perfect place to feel safe to push your limits! So come & get barreled with us!

After 3 intense sessions a day, your body would need a good rest and quality healthy food in order to regenerate! All of our Maldives accommodations offer you cool and relaxing rest areas, nutritious meals, and snacks based on fresh ingredients. There is no better feeling than practicing yoga after a long surfing day, surrounded by nothing but water on the top the deck of a luxury yacht.

Well being

Global Surf Maldives


Global Surf Maldives

The water life in the Maldives is second to none! A natural wonder that will make you wanna become a mermaid! This is your chance to go snorkeling with amazing sea creatures & explore the wonders of the underwater! While not in the water, we will take back on the ground to explore the local island culture and their unique way of living.

Live, explore, connect – From the moment you land, the Maldives will provide you the ultimate adventure! Imagine yourself jumping from the dock with your board bag, sharing waves with dolphins, and getting the first Indian ocean barrel for the first time in your life! This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime!


Global Surf Maldives

Located only Six hours sailing from Male Airport, The central atoll considered to be a virgin paradise with consistent, perfect, and relatively empty surf spots

Global Surf Maldives

“I had the best experience ever with global surf in the Maldives and Morocco! The organization went smoothly, the global staff was super kind, helpful and friendly. Will definitely join many more adventures with Global Surf family”

Eden Gershon

“I love traveling and surfing with GLOBALSURF, they create are the perfect combination between fun and professionalism”

Lee Komm

Our Accommodations

From the basic to the most exclusive facilities – We offer it all! We are honored to offer a diverse variety of all-inclusive sleeping arrangements that can fit anyone with any need or budget. No matter where you choose to stay, the best quality experience is guaranteed!

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