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The land of pumping rights

Morocco is a special and magical destination that is generally suitable for sea lovers and especially for surfers of all levels, from beginners to experienced surfers looking for a unique surf trip and an empowering experience.

The winning combination of excellent surfing conditions, a huge variety of waves, culture, welcoming population, authentic food and breathtaking views make every surf trip in Morocco unforgettable!

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Our Experiences

Global Surf offers a variety of surfing trips to Morocco in the Tagazot and Imsuan surf areas. You are welcome to join one of our group surf trips, or take a ‘solo’ trip custom made for you. Whether you are surfing waves, long boarding, sup or kite surfing, Morocco should be your next surf trip!

The Season

Global Surf Morocco

Coming from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the seashore straddles Morocco’s impressive coastline throughout the year. September – March, the northern swells fill the southern coastal strip and make dozens long right points. The season reaches its peak in the months of December – January, where you can challenge yourself every day.

The southern coastal strip of Morocco spreads for more than 600 km, ranging from the Azores region to the southern border with the Western Sahara. The coastal strip is characterized by countless waves of all kinds and are suitable for all levels. From long right points, to reef and sand breaks, you can always surf your favorite wave. Since there are so many options, a short drive from the more touristy surf towns will lead you to high quality, empty waves. In addition, the local population is enlightening and warm. The general atmosphere in and out the water is calm and pleasant.

The Surf

Global Surf Morocco

The Weather

Global Surf Morocco

The desert weather in Morocco, is inviting and calm throughout the year, during the day it’s warm and pleasant, and at nights it’s cool. Today, Morocco’s reputation as an attractive destination for surfers of the world is growing thanks to its excellent surfing conditions, countless surf spots and the enchanted and special atmosphere created by combining desert and magical weather, the local population, smells and extraordinary sights.

Morocco, spreads over 2,300 k. The kingdom has a huge coastline, exposed to all the Atlantic movements. It has desert climate, temperatures range from 28 degrees during the day and 7 degrees on the coldest nights. The average water temperature ranges from 17-23 degrees, so a 3/3-mm-thick suit will serve you well. Most of the Moroccan population is Muslim-Sunni, and their attitude toward Israelis and Jews is warm and sympathetic, since throughout history a strong and prosperous Jewish community has been an integral part of Morocco. Today, around 2,500 Jews live in Morocco, most of whom live in Casablanca, the trade and industrial center. The local currency is Dirham (MAD), but most places also accept payment in euros.

The Culture

Global Surf Morocco

Morocco offers a huge range of perfect right-handers for surfers of all levels!

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A surf trip to Morocco will introduce you to an amazing variety of world class surf spots, rich local culture, welcoming people and an authentic experience like nowhere else!

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