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Gabriel Shiraz

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Professional Renewal and Enrichment Retreat for Therapists

Join us for a 5-day renewal workshop designed for therapists from all over the world.

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to rejuvenate our body-mind resources, gain therapeutic tools from the world of body-mind psychotherapy, enhance professional skills, and connect with therapists from various parts of the globe in a peaceful and inspiring environment in Greece.

Main Topics:

Body-Mind Psychotherapy: We will delve into innovative techniques in individual and couples therapy using movement, touch, breathwork, and mindfulness from the realm of biodynamic body psychotherapy.

Group Facilitation & Supervision: We will learn, explore, practice, and personally experience individual and group exercises. work with case study guidance, and deepen group dynamics.

Global Network: We will meet and connect with therapists from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures.

Personal Renewal: This is a time for personal renewal, rest, and recharging, along with practicing meditation/mindfulness and movement in a peaceful and inspiring environment.

Main Muscles


About The Host

Gabriel Shiraz

A psychotherapist specializing in the body – biodynamic approach, working with individuals, couples, and groups;

A facilitator, trainer, and supervisor in this field, at universities and therapist training institutions, both internationally and in Israel, with over 25 years of experience.

An expert in training therapists in personal, individual, and group therapy, certified by the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP).

Biodynamic psychotherapy is a method derived from the humanistic approach.

The method believes in the healing power of life, human touch, and humanity in therapy and life as the foundation for healing and growth.
It addresses the body, breathing, and the various connections between body, mind, and spirit.

About the Retreat


The Greek peninsula of Evia is the second largest island two and half hours from Athens – breathtaking scenery, spectacular beaches, nutritious food, maddening sunsets and sunrises, hidden and unspoiled beaches and above all, endless silence.

Evia silence Tucked away in the mountains of Greece’s beautiful Evia island, overlooking the Porto Buffalo Bay coastline and the crystal clear Euboean sea.

The complex is designed in a harmonious way, combining the natural elements.
The rooms are a comfortable 30 sq meters. All rooms include balconies with a vast view of the neighboring sea and air conditioning.

The resort designed in accordance with our commitment to provide a calming and rejuvenate retreat.

What to Expect

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Registration + Pricing

Private Room: 1790€ + 500€ Flights and Transportation 

Twin / Shared: 1440€ + 500€ Flights and Transportation 

Triple/ Shared: 1270€ + 500€ Flights and Transportation 

*Discount of 100 euros for those who register by 15/10/2024 **Joint discount of 250 euros for those who register as a couple


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